My good pal Sparky and I had a great time at this Florida beach,a great place for dogs…Come back tomorrow for Travel Thursday to see where we are…













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  1. Ooooh, how fun!! Did you get to build a sandcastle too?

    Wags to all

    Your pal Snoopy :)
    snoopy@snoopysdogblog recommends Want to be a little nosey?My Profile

  2. Cathy Keisha says:

    You look like your having fun. All our beach got ruined from Sandy.
    Cathy Keisha recommends Wednesday Word—PremiereMy Profile

  3. That looks like a great beach to visit.

    Sheba’s life story. recommends Wordless Wednesday.My Profile

  4. GREAT pics! Happy WW!
    Lyvonne ( recommends Wordless Wednesday (a BlogPaws Blog Hop)My Profile

  5. Hehehehe…what’s you gots in da cup? Care to shares?
    Nice beads too.
    I don’t knows but ya’ll looks cute sittin’ theres on da rock.

    Yes, anytime I is around you may needs to duck from da POlice.


  6. Flea says:

    Seriously? A Florida beach which allows dogs? We spent most of our time between Cocoa and Melbourne and there were no dog-friendly beaches. No dog-friendly parks near Winter Springs, either. Sounds like you’re over near Sarasota.
    Flea recommends Chihuahua – To Have, or Not to Have?My Profile

  7. That really does look like a lot of fun… and I can’t think of where you are either so I guess we’ll find out tomorrow!
    Emily @ Adventures of a Dog Mom recommends Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  8. Reuben says:

    Wow, sunshine and pirate treasure? I only can imagine what kind of fun thing you will be up to tomorrow…. *cough* *cough* *giantmardigrasparty* *cough*

    Reuben recommends Claraficationings re: Broccoli PlantMy Profile

  9. How fun! Love your chicken legs! hee hee!
    Diane @ To Dog With Love recommends Catching Treats On the Go With the Bark4Green DogsMy Profile

  10. Madi and Mom says:

    Gizmo we are East coast girls we love sand between our toes too.
    Hugs madi and Mom
    Madi and Mom recommends WORKMy Profile

  11. Hi Gizmo. What a fun thing to do. We send you many purrs. Please tell your friend that we say hi.
    The Musings Of A Crazy Cat Lady recommends (Almost) Wordless Wednesday – I Talk To You Not (Livia)My Profile

  12. Ann Paws says:

    Looks like a pretty cool beach Gizmo. And you and your friend look really happy together!
    Ann Paws recommends Wordless Wednesday: Dogs Are Good PillowsMy Profile

  13. Kristine says:

    So jealous of your sunny beach weather! That is two such photos I have seen today and I am turning greener than my sweater. Spring cannot come soon enough!
    Kristine recommends Real Life Confession #13: I am a Challenge FailureMy Profile

  14. Good fun! Looks like you are heading to Mardi Gras!
    Bee-Have yourselves!

    Wyatt and Stanzie
    Wyatt Airedale recommends A RiddleMy Profile

  15. We had a PAWsome day! It’s always fun to hang with my furpal – helps ease the tensions of running a small business 6 days/week. We’re looking forward to the next adventure! It was definately a four paws up, full body wag, three hour tummy scratch/rub kinda day!

  16. Woof! Woof! OH the BEACH!!! YAY the permalinks work … now I don’t see a title on your blog. Will send you an email for instructions. happy WW. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar
    SUGAR: Golden Woofs recommends WW: From 81° Of Ocean Breeze To 18° Of Lake BreezeMy Profile

  17. Gizmo says:

    This was a great day start to finish…we did some geocaching, and played at the beach and even had snacks…it was great!
    Gizmo recommends AT THE BEACH – WORDLESS WEDNESDAYMy Profile

  18. Clowie says:

    You look like you were having fun! I love going to the beach.
    Clowie recommends My First Holiday Part 1My Profile

  19. Love the pearls round the neck..BOL what fun you had Gizmo, the beach is my favorite place xx00xx
    Mollie and Alfie
    mollieandalfie recommends IT JUZT’Z GET’Z BETTER.My Profile

  20. Looks like such a fun spot….someday…..
    Roxy the traveling dog recommends Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  21. Hey Giz! Hmmmm, I need to figure out which beaches up by you allow doggies! You know there aren’t that many beaches here that allow us to romp and play. Pffft on South Florida! BOL
    HappyWednesday! *high paws*
    Oz the Terrier recommends Wordless Wednesday: The Story UnfoldsMy Profile

  22. easy rider says:

    I’m here tomorrow – I like it to travel with you ;o) Have you found the treasure of the pirates?
    easy rider recommends easyblog BLACK WEDNESDAYMy Profile

  23. emma says:

    Wow, now that looks like fun! I love to swim!
    emma recommends Explorer 2013 | GBGV | Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  24. oh what fun! Can’t wait!
    caren gittleman recommends Lights! Camera! Action!! Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  25. Misaki says:

    That looks like loads of fun!! Did you find any buried treasure?
    Smoochies xxx

  26. Are you both wearing pearls? Pearls and a pirates cup… very interesting!
    Elizabeth Bergesen recommends Cutest Couple ContestMy Profile

  27. Daisy says:

    Hi Gizmo, sorry it’s taken us so long to visit you. We’ve been having modem problems and the computer has been acting up. But better late than never.

    What a terrific beach that is. Looks like LOTS of stuff explore and sniff. Must be pirates around, too, ’cause they left their cup. Be careful.

    XXXOOO Daisy, bella & Roxy

    • Gizmo says:

      Hi Daisy! I’m so glad you found my new site…Ain’t ‘pooter problems the worst? This was a great beach to explore and lots of pals to play with..Tell you about the pirates tomorrow :)

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